Shop Drawings in Sketchup Make


I was asked to do an example of a Shop Drawing for a friends construction company. Any suggestions on how to get started, or any tutorial videos, plugins etc I should get? Thanks


Start by drawing the model and creating scenes to show what you need to show. Add dimensions as appropriate and then export images for each scene to compile into a document.

You should be using SketchUp Pro for two reasons. First this sounds like a commercial project and the EULA requires that SketchUp Make is only for personal use. The other reason is you’d have LayOut which is designed for creating documentation such as shop drawings from the SketchUp model. It will give you much better looking documents and make it easy to create scaled views. It’s also much easier to handle the inevitable changes that will come along.


I use Make for fun manly. This is an unusual request from a friend who is stuck in a jam with work. I’m assuming Layout is only available in Pro? Thank you for the help. Greatly appreciated


Yes. LayOut is a Pro feature.

By the way, without knowing more about the project, there’s no way to tell you what extensions you might need.


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