Non-commercial use of SketchUp Pro

Can I use Sketchup Pro for non commercial use without buying a license. I’m past the 30 day trial. I’m using for my home use


I don’t believe there’s any limitation on using SketchUp Pro for non-commercial use but to use it beyond the 30 day trial, you must buy a license. The alternative is to use SketchUp Make instead of Pro. You can use Make for personal use but not for commercial use. Of course you will not have access to the pro features such as LayOut, Solid Tools, a bunch of import/export options, and others.

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Thank you. Is there very much difference between pro and, OK I just saw the additional info on your post

But for home use Pro is expensive

SketchUp Make is free to use. As long as you don’t need features like LayOut or the CAD import/export options, you’ll probably be just fine with Make.

Trying to remember what layout does.

LayOut is used for creating presentations and documentation from your SketchUp model. It allows you to display the scenes from SketchUp as images in a document such as a construction plan or proposal and add dimensions, text and other content. You maintain a dynamic link to the SketchUp model so if you need to make changes to the model, those can be automatically translated to the document.

There’s more to it than that but I’m guessing you didn’t need LayOut’s capabilities during the 30-day trial so you might not need them at all.

Can I still do dimensions on my drawing and make a copy for myself in makeup

If you want to add dimensions with mascara, be my guest. :smiley:


You can add dimensions in SketchUp Make and either print directly or export image files to print using SketchUp Make. The Dimension tool isn’t as robust but it works well.

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Thank you. I just finished my project. I’m adding a soundbar to the bottom area of a flat screen with 2" spacing between the two, that is hanging on a swivel wall mount. I used it to give me the dimension from the TV mount holes to the holes for the soundbar. The backet need to be on an angle and I thought this was an easy way to get the dimensions since the TV is mounted.


You’re quite welcome.

And that sounds like a good use of SketchUp.

I thought I would post my project.TV_soundbar.skp (130.2 KB)

Good. It looks like you kept it simple and didn’t overdo it. I don’t know if the dimension between the hole on the TV and the one on the speaker mount is critical but you might want to increase the Precision setting in window>Model Info>Units and check it out.

Thanks Dave, but for what I was doing this worked great. I used 14"x 3/4"x 1/8" flat bar with holes drilled in each end to connect the two. I would take a picture, but the wife is still sleeping.

I forget about changing the dimensions. I like using 1/32

My suggestion for projects of this size and if you are working in fractional inches is to set Units to Fractional (instead of Architectural) and set Precision to 1/64". Using higher precision in your drawing than you’ll use in reality helps you identify potential errors.

Thank you for the info. Now I just have to remember that in the future. Didn’t think about or know about the fractional setting.


I have done more small project needing inches instead of feet. Good to know.

If you generally draw smaller projects and you prefer to work in inches rather than feet and inches, you should create a default template with the units and precision set as you want them. Maybe also change the style if you don’t need green ground and blue sky showing. My preferences for the furniture projects I draw is to use a white background. If I want a different background for show, I’ll create that either before exporting the images or in post processing.

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thank you for the idea