What file format is most commo


Just starting to use Sketchup Make and know very little about CAD. I want to get to grips with it so I can eventually use it to design some furniture I can commission a professional to construct from my SketchUp designs,


Is there a common file format that I will need to use when sending/sharing my CAD with a professional to work from? Will SketchUp Make suffice or would I need the Pro version?



You’ll need to talk with the professional to find out what file type(s) they can work with. It depends upon what they need to do with the file, too. If it is a CAD or other specific file type, you will likely need the pro version of SketchUp to get the export option. You should also read the EULA for SketchUp to help you decide which version you should be using.

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What I can strongly suggest you is to learn to use LayOut, this way you can create construction plans of your design model, and convert it to PDF, that is easily readable for any user, there are tons of samples in the net of what complex or simple the drawings be made in LayOut, in my personal experience is the best way to work.

Here a sample, the squared models are part of your previous model, you can manipulate them to show specific details:

LayOut Sample

Here you can see a .PDF file made in LayOut from a SketchUp model:

Cilindros de Acrílico.pdf (172.4 KB)

Where do I get LayOut from?

Excellent tip Otodomus.


LayOut is part of the Pro package.

Do you need to give plans to the cabinet shop or CAD files?

Just plans I would have thought. So long as it has all of the information on for them to work from.

Then SU pro is what you want so you can use it with LayOut to create the plans. Plans for furniture is my primary use for SketchUp and LayOut.