Skalp 2021 selection issue

@Guy Do you have any clue as to why this issue is happening?
I cannot select any section fill items, even if objects are discrete solids? i.e. not part of the same group. Skalp just selects the whole bounding box of the encompassing section.
This occurs on ‘old’ projects as well as new projects.

Obviously a bit of a showstopper.

I have been using SU2019 with Skalp since erm 2019 but just upgraded to 2021 on a brand new machine with a clean install. I obvs couldn’t install 2022 as Skalp doesn’t run on Apple Silicon yet.

Am I missing anything daft like a selection modifier key stroke change from my previous version?
I’ve uninstalled & deactivated, reinstalled & activated etc

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 13.36.43

Just under three weeks ago a 2022 version of Skalp was released. Does that version help?

Thanks @Colin but M1 isn’t supported yet, Skalp dialogue box advice is to use 2021 SU and the corresponding Skalp version but that (2021) is exhibiting the behaviour described above (and on 2020)

Ha! That is so funny. I had been doing a test it seems, and had SketchUp set to run under Rosetta. Sure enough, set to native Skalp doesn’t load.

I would still try the latest version and with 2022 set to open with Rosetta, see if that helps the main issue.

No joy, same behaviour across 3 versions. It’s feeling like an issue connected to Monterey.
Typically, its just this particular functionality of Skalp, everything else works fine.