Can anyone help with this Skalp problem?

Has anyone come across this issue? Its an absolute showstopper as I can’t actually do any work or earn a living.

2020 seems to have the same problem. Im assuming it must be a Monterrey related thing as it affects 2020 & 2021.

I seem to be stuck completely. Unable to use 2022 because Skalp isn’t ready for it, 2021 has this show stopping problem. I cant even reinstall 2019 because my new subscription has removed the ability for me to download that version as it only carries the last 2 years.
Is is possible to get a download link to the version that I have a Perpetual Licence for?

Does this help…

I’ll try it, thanks.

Thanks Paul, just down to the Perpetual License issue now. @Colin are you able to help with this at all? thanks

Never ever upgrade until you know your critical path extensions are ready to run. I know it’s not helpful at this point but maybe others reading will benefit.

Thing is, I did. I’ve been running it all for a week, all my production extensions, including Skalp, setting sections and scenes, importing materials, updating rear view projections, opening pre-SU 2021 projects and updating the sections. All working well, apart from this one function.

I replied to your other post. Trying the latest version of Skalp would be worth a go.