Skalp & Profile Builder 3 interactions problem

Hi Guy

@Guy We have been using Skalp for years, & generally have a good system going. Just started using Profile Builder 3 plugin at the same time.

I find if I make a hole in an object & the section is through that hole, then the skalp fill does not show.

I thought this may be 2019 Skalp & Sketchup 2019 and Profile Builder 3 hole tool, there may be an incompatibility, but i find it is with solids made with basic tools also.

I have turned off any plugins not rated for SK2019. I have also tested backwards skalp 2017 on SK2017, & this issue does not happen.

Is this a known issue? Does anybody have any workarounds or way it can be fixed?

Love the tool, but this is some issue, if it is not my usage, which it would seem not to be ! :wink:

Guy sorted this very promptly - thanks so much. was an issue with the activation code. :ok_hand: