Skalp by Tag not working

SKalp doesn’t work properly with Sketchup 2023.
Changing pattern fill rules by Tag gives no reaction.
Any suggestions?

Do you have the latest version 1.1.9 ?

ping @Whaat

I think you meant @jeroen @Guy


This is what Skalp Info says:


Should be the latest version…

…still no solution??

Well I guess none of us simple users know. and The dev was pinged but may not come on the forum often.

have you also contacted SKalp team directly ?

what have they answered ?

I tried to,
but no answer till now, will contact them again…

Hm, I hope they’re well, if they’re not answering either here and there. Off course, could also be the holidays.

with sketchup 2023 I sometimes have trouble with postion of popping up windows in a hidden place or e.g. panels on top running out of the monitor boundaries, so I can’t repositon it…
but somehow, now it is fine!

Oh, it’s actually a windows thing, not just SU. in general if you use more than one monitor. I’ve had it when going from 1 to 3 monitors

There is a technique to move the widow back in view.

Try on a window you can see (to be sure you manage to move it), then try on the window that opens yet can be seen.

Thanks for this insight. We receive this issue from time to time as a support request.
What I can tell from our side: Skalp is trying to remember the last position the dialog was shown on the screen. When trying to open the dialog on these old coordinate, apparently Windows is potentially putting it somewhere unexpected when using multiple monitors. Perhaps we should assuage the remembered coordinates with the appropriate screen, but I currently have no Idea where this info is available.
Anyway: another way to force Skalp to show this dialog again is this:

Startup SketchUp and open the ‘ruby console’, you can find the ‘ruby console’ in the View menu. Paste the two following lines in the console, hit enter and start Skalp. The problem will be solved:

Sketchup.write_default(‘Skalp’,‘Layers dialog - x’, 100)

Sketchup.write_default(‘Skalp’,‘Layers dialog - y’, 100)