Skalp by Tag not working

SKalp doesn’t work properly with Sketchup 2023.
Changing pattern fill rules by Tag gives no reaction.
Any suggestions?

Do you have the latest version 1.1.9 ?

ping @Whaat

I think you meant @jeroen @Guy


This is what Skalp Info says:


Should be the latest version…

…still no solution??

Well I guess none of us simple users know. and The dev was pinged but may not come on the forum often.

have you also contacted SKalp team directly ?

what have they answered ?

I tried to,
but no answer till now, will contact them again…

Hm, I hope they’re well, if they’re not answering either here and there. Off course, could also be the holidays.

with sketchup 2023 I sometimes have trouble with postion of popping up windows in a hidden place or e.g. panels on top running out of the monitor boundaries, so I can’t repositon it…
but somehow, now it is fine!

Oh, it’s actually a windows thing, not just SU. in general if you use more than one monitor. I’ve had it when going from 1 to 3 monitors

There is a technique to move the widow back in view.

Try on a window you can see (to be sure you manage to move it), then try on the window that opens yet can be seen.