Site Plan Rendering or Coloring?



How do take a site plan created in SiteOps and add coloring to make it look as if a land planner sketched and colored the site plan. How do I do this in sketchup?


What is SiteOps?

If you shared an example of what you are starting from and an example of what you are trying to achieve someone here will be able to give you some pointers!


This is the end result I want

This is what I am staring from

These links below are Also examples of what I have and what I am looking for:
This is the end result I want.



Just create some new materials and chance the lots to those materials. I Nornally set up my materials with a # first so they list at the top of the materials list and give them meaningful names

et etc

once you have created your own pallete of materials you can edit them to get the exact colours you want.