Creating an illustrative master plan LIVE with SketchUp + LayOut + Photoshop

This time on SketchUp Live, @eric-s is building a master plan! Watch him walk through his process of preparing, organizing, combining, adjusting, and exporting assets to end up with to-scale 2D plan documents.

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That is all

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Yes that was all for sure. Thanks everyone for watching earlier. If you missed it…well, it’s on the channel - How to Create Master Plan/Site Plan in SketchUp Tutorial - YouTube

See you all next time and here are a few screenshots from the process:
Import, align and stack everything vertically in order to ‘drape and drop’ items onto the ground plane/ topo mesh surface:

Keeping things organized is essential as shown here with Color-By-Tag (CBT) mode turned on and saved to a style (for use later) *it also helps with performance to break larger models like this up into piecss so as to work only on one part at a time or save out to share with collaborators.:

With the model looking good - it was off to LayOut to set up pages, apply tag and style overrides so that the different elements needed for Photoshop later were separated and ready to export:

Importing those various pages/elements into Photoshop to allow for independent selections, edits, color, and effects:

The final product. This plan was just part of the submittal - 9 renderings and a series of diagrams were needed as well - hence the use of SU as the master modeler/organizer for all content to ensure consistency across deliverables.

Happy Friday.


Watching this now. Thoughtful presentation.

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