Work Smart, Not Hard using LayOut Live Session with Eric

Eric is going live to show you why using LayOut along side SketchUp can give you the edge you need to create amazing output! Check it out, live!

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What a session that was. Eric I’m always left wondering how you’ll top youself and everytime you do it seemingly with ease. Yet another Eric session I’m going to have to rewatch to make sure I got all the tips you’ve provided.


Thanks @keggification as always for being part of our community.

For those that missed it, feel free to check out anytime - Work Smart, Not Hard using LayOut - YouTube

See below images and list for what I covered:

  • AutoText
  • Creating custom guides/margins
  • Auto-applying text+Graphics to pages (like master pages in InDesign)
  • Creating a pre-setup Styled, sectioned, and scene SketchUp model
  • Auto-populating model views in LayOut
  • Creating custom LayOut Templates
  • Using Color-ByTag material override to create instant diagrammatic styles for LayOut
  • and so much more.