Exterior Colors

Looking for a way to make it so that an non designer with limited sketchup experience can easily pick between different colors to see how a project would look using different color schemes.

Has anyone tried to make something that would allow a person to easily swap out colors for exterior siding, trim, roof and door colors using a predetermined color pallet with in sketchup? If so would they be willing to share how this was accomplished?

Thanks in advance for the help.
Ryan F.

To clarify? The Non-Designer would just be viewing different color options to see what they prefer best?

Correct, the goal would be to have the non-designer be able to change colors at will to see what they like best.

Ok that was my question I was getting at - so you provide them the model and they click something to change the colors themselves?

This can be accomplished by using Scenes and Tags. You create multiple copies of the an object (walls for example - and they can actually be the same component if you want them to be). And then assign each to their own Tag. Then create a scene for each with only specific Tags showing.

Obviously you’ll need to repeat the process for each item you want to show color alternatives for. The more variations you have the more work it will take to set up for them. See example:

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Thanks for the video and idea. Unfortunately this seems like a lot of setup time for each job and may be difficult to set up as a template as each job will be different.

I guess I was looking for something that was more along the lines of a point a click setup that uses a group of thumbnails for each area. This way the thumbnails could be loaded into a model and colors could be changed without any major setup.

The Set Function can change materials with the Interact Tool.

SET Function | 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)