Need to create 3d app for website this is what we are trying to do locally and need some help with it

That page gives no information other than the prices for a shed designer application and monthly license.

Be more specific about what you need help with.

Basically wondering if it is possible to do this with sketchup, I am not smart enough to figure it out myself but thought id pick some brains out there

Have 5 different sheds we can change color on roofing and siding

SketchUp itself cannot be used to do this. (The license prohibits other people from driving your SketchUp on a server via a shared network. Ie, Remote Desktop etc.)

So SketchUp is really just a manual modeling application at this time. There may be 3rd party utilities that you may be able to export a SketchUp model to, that might have a web interface.

Check out LightUp, and some others.

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