3d shed app... is it possible in sketchup



http://www.3dfish.net if this is possible in sketchup i would be willing to pay to have this created


To have what created? An automated shed designer with costs? One shed of a particular size and materials? Something else?


if you want to create an e-commerce site that allows others to build a 3d model, then SU can’t do that…

but, you can make all the assets inside SU Pro and then export those to a 3d web app with an extension for customer manipulation…

a lot more info and a post in the collaboration forum would be the next step…

If I wanted to replicate 3dfish I’d talk to them about licensing their web app for modification using my assets…



3d shed designer with 5 different sheds


I’m still not clear what a [quote=“mysheds, post:4, topic:36468, full:true”]
3d shed designer with 5 different sheds

is supposed to do.

Yes, with limitations, Sketchup can (for example) use Dynamic Components to present (some) alternative elements of a shed design: different lengths, heights, or width of sheds for example, or different window styles and placement. It can then (again with careful attention to detail) make calculations of material and (perhaps) other costs.

But that gets very hard to do, very quickly, as the number of options increases.

But you can’t yet do that in an on-line environment all the way - My.sketchup is not yet feature complete compared to Desktop SU. But as @john_drivenupthewall suggests, you could perhaps pre-design five sheds in desktop SU, and add other programming to present the alternatives on line, with or without other sub-options.

You might be better to try to find a 3D programme that allows for ‘parametric’ design, directly on line if that is what you want to do. Again, SU can do that, but only in a limited fashion, and not without programming effort in Ruby.


If you’ve got only five different sheds, you shouldn’t need the client to do anything but make a choice.

You could make different image exports for the customer to view as they decide which shed they want.

The Dynamic Component thing could be used to make it quick to show variations as you create the images.

Of course you will be using SketchUp Pro so the Dynamic Component thing should be straightforward.


We have probably 5000 different sheds to pick from. I would like to see if there is a way to change siding and roofing colors in sketchup to give the customers choices


what we want to use it for is to show customers different color combinations of roof and siding and not cost of shed. however that might be an option down the road

Need to create 3d app for website

How many kinds of things are different between different sheds? E.g., length, width, height, number of windows, location of windows, location and size of doors, material, colour of roof, colour of siding…?

It isn’t difficult to generate these manually in SU, but not possible to do it directly from a web interface. It COULD in be done in SketchUp on the desktop, with a combination of Ruby programming and Dynamic Components. But you would still have to create a web interface to the stored results.