Draw 2D windows automatically with measurements

2018.11.30-CASA RAMSEY (RAM01A)-HURRICANE SHUTTERS-HS26.pdf (553.8 KB)

Hello, Community

Any ideas how i can get sketchup to create drawings like the one attached automatically? I work with hurricane shutters, the system is very simple and certified. All the measurements are very easy to calculate, infact my excel sheet can create the distances. right now i have people drawing these windows by hand, but with all these all of these numbers can be calculated and displayed very easy, but i would like the format to be still be nice plans for the installation teams and the clients. The shutters are custom so whenever i always have to design new shutters, they are done in 2D.

Any ideas how i can use sketchup to help me process?

You could do it with dynamic components but you will need SketchUp Pro, not the free web-based version your profile indicates you’re using. If you are using it commercially, you need to be using Pro anyway.

I will look into Dynamic components

We have the pro version, i just cant find it because im not part of the Technical department. Im just a project manager trying to help some worker outs

Im also only familar with using the free version and want my team to be able to complete things faster

Well, there isn’t a way to automate the modeling of your hurricane shutters with the free version but it’s also not licensed for commercial use. You’ll need to get access to the pro version. If you don’t have time or the desire to learn how to make the dynamic components, there’s a Commercial and Collaboration forum where you could post seeking assistance or maybe to hire someone to make the components for you.

Thats exactly what i will do Dave, Thanks

As i reread your comment, im not sure if they could do what im wanting, but i will look. Maybe someone could design an extension

I want to be able to input a length and width and have a drawing created based on my rules. Using my regulations to input the correct amount of screws and panels and posts

I expect it could be done with dynamic components but also probably with an extension. You just need to hire the right person to write it.