I would pay for an extension to automatically draw concepts based on consistent numbers and rules

Sketchup Drawer concept.pdf (1.4 MB)

My company creates hurricane shutters and we design each system specific for each window. We are certified and have to work within regulations, for example the placement of our screws cant be more than X and when a panel is so high it cant be wider than Y

Right now i have people creating designs like the one attached

The concept i am playing with is in the form of an excel sheet. The table takes my total Length, total width and start designing the system. Right now i have a conditional formated excel sheet that can kind of produce plans, but since these are used each season for installation, the plans need to be higher quality There is kind of a lot of information in the excel portion of it, but basically its running a few rules to compare the sizes of things compared to the sizes its allowed to be. The portion in the left is running rules about heights and widths of individual panels and quantities of each. The center top protion is playing with spacing of screws from the top and bottom. i use conditional formating to change boxes and highlight the preferred set up. The part of the right indicated these spaces in Inch and decimal. The center portion calculates the spaces for width of screws. the other parts about material is because the names of materials change with certain boxes are selected. The conditional format part can draw panel systems from 1 panel to 6 panels, but you can see that it cant draw them to scale. Right now it gives a rough drawing for it to be designed and published by a person drawing it, but i want to make it automatic so that no one has to draw it.

The extension would either need to take my L and W and draw it automatically, or i would need a system that could take my calculated panel and post sizes and draw it automatically and create a finished format

The extension would need to process;

-Length and width of the window, calculate for the small offset that our parts would have 1/8 or 3/8 depending
-Divide the panel widths based on our regulations. For example if an opening is 12ft tall, the panel can only be 30in wide as a max, but if its 13ft it can only be 29

  • calculate the distances of screws. For example the panel has one screw 10in from the start and 10 from the finish. The space inbetween that needs to have screws drawn at a max 16 apart. Whats the preferred distance?
  • In addition keeping the count of parts, screws and panels as a total
    -It would also be cool if this extension was prepared for the future, so if i design my offsets to be different, it would be great to open a menu to modify them real quick.

Because the values are are locked into place i believe the computations should be simple, because my excel page can do it with conditional formation.

I am looking for something that could pair with sketchup to draw within that or even a new program to be designed.

I dont have a price in mind, that being said i do believe that you get what you pay for and that this is something that would take some work. I would like your input as to what you think is possible with my idea, from there we can discuss all features that would be able to be implemented. And we could discuss a price from there.

What do you think this is worth?

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