SketchUp for comic background

Hello. I’ve been wondering and contemplating about using sketchup for my webtoon background. At first, i thought using the models in 3D ware house was free because my friend from interior design major told me so. But then i keep wondering about using the app itself, especially that i want to monetize my webtoon. Then i check the pricing for SketchUp Pro and it’s just too expensive TT
$300 and it’s not permanent, you have to pay per year. To me as a comic artist who only need to tweak the models here and there and then screenshot or export it as 2D (jpeg file) for background on my webtoon which it’s not even official (no payment from the platform), it’s just too expensive. That price would be fair for an actual professional architect or an interior designer because they use the app at the fullest. But for a comic artist i think it’s not that worthed because i don’t use the app to such extent. I really want to get the license for commercial use so i don’t feel guilty using it. Does Trimble have any plan or consideration about this matter? Is there really no other option other than purchasing sketchup pro?

Maybe you could manage with SketchUp Shop. The subscription for it is less expensive than for SketchUp Pro. Currently those would be your options, though for your use.

How much time would it take you to create your backgrounds by hand? You could do that and not use SketchUp at all. If your time has any value at all, though, less than a dollar a day to use Sketchup Pro ought to be worth it.

Ah yes, i just checked that and it’s still kinda pricey because it’s subscription not one time purchase. It takes time to make a really clean and neat background by hands.

Maybe i feel it’s too pricey for my need because i compare it to the app for an illustration that has a little bit same feature like sketchup. I use clip studio paint which is $50 and it’s one time purchase, it’s not subscription.
Not only it has a feature for illustration/comic, it also has feature where you can add 3D models in it. But sadly, csp doesn’t have that much of models like sketchup has in 3Dwarehouse and you can’t edit the model like sketchup.
But i still think that $120-300 per year only for 2D background images in webtoon is expensive to me.

So what I read is that you don’t put any value on your time which is fine. That’s your choice. It also sounds like you should be looking elsewhere since SketchUp isn’t the thing for you. Best wishes.

okay… you don’t need to be hostile. Good day/night

There’s no hostility in my post.