Open Letter: Time to say goodbye to Sketchup as an enthusiastic non-professional because of the pricing model

I really like Sketchup.
It is excellent software and I would like to express my thanks and great respect to the software developers and usability engineers.
I have always been happy to recommend Sketchup to friends, out of conviction.

I would have liked to continue using Sketchup, but the pricing model is not acceptable for me as a non-professional.
I need plugins, so the web version is out.

As a non-professional I create maybe 30 drawings per year at most. For that 274€ is too expensive for me.

Since I now use a Macbook M1 with Monteray, my old license is no longer usable.

Trimble has decided not to offer any more pricing models.
So I can only say goodbye with regret.
You have lost me as a customer.


Here we go, yet another thread for basically the same people to whine and complain.
If you are going to leave and use something else, free, then do so.
No doubt Trampy will be along soon to add all sorts of irrelevant info to the thread.
Good luck with whatever you do.


Why not? Ran out of activations?

Since when? 2019?

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Sketchup 2020 is not compatible to Monterey/M1-Mac. It closes automatically, when you try to open it.

How did you install it? Just migrating from Timemachine doesn’t work properly.
First drag the whole folder in the applications to the trash bin and then empty the tracs.
Then you need to download and install it properly. That way, the Rosetta emulator knows it’s an Intel app.
Give access and all permissions upon starting for the first time.

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Where can I download Sketchup 2020 for a permanent license please?

From the download page.

Sorry for your dismay.
Contact me on private message. I will then send you an email, and we can discuss the solutions under development.

Edit : I have had several messages. Do not hesitate to contact me.

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I wonder if 2017 works with M1.

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I can’t find a license for you. It’s worth checking to see if there is a 2020 license update you’re entitled to. You can enter your email and serial number here, to see if there is a later license. Your current serial number starts with U, if the license page shows a serial number beginning with V, then you could click the Email my authorization code button to have that license sent to you.

Although 2019 isn’t stated to be supported under Monterey, it does seem to work. If it’s closing when you start, then there is a problem you should be able to fix.

It does for a short while, but seems to quit eventually.

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I understand your frustration @euphoria .

To me it feels like SU gets drastically more and more expensive, and you get locked in to subscribing, instead of having the option to not upgrade, and continue using the software that you had paid to develop till that point.

The maintenance & support for 120 USD/yr was totally OK, and fair to see the development continue. But after the subscription that 2,5x that yearly price to 300 USD, the development has gone backwards for me. Creating tags from entity box is daily annoying me, and for working on a Mac there has been no positive changes in performance for the last 5 years it seems.

I would love to pay 300 dollars a year, if I got something positive in return. But I don’t at this point, and that is a daily annoyance, that eventually will drive me over to another platform if nothing changes to the better.


It is one problem among many problems. If it was just a matter of price increases …
Still, such a 2.5x increase is indicative of a much more serious problem.

When SU2022 is released, it will be necessary to remember the few improvements during the three previous years.

Thanks for your hints.

After downloading, installing and opening SU closes automatically. I will try to find out, which is the cause for that.

When I understood it correctly, SU 2020 should work without any problems on Monteray on an M1, right?

Thanks for your offer.
But it is not my intention to get any personal advantage. My intention, hope and wish is, that Trimble offers additional price models in the near future, which are fair for a non professional usage.

2020 does appear to stay open on my M1 Max MacBook Pro, running macOS 12.0.1. I have it open now, to see if it stays open.


There are not for profit licenses available if you are not using it commercially.

I think the pricing is fair compared to other platform such as AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds max, ArchiCAD etc.
But, I guess if your just a hobbyist it’s hard to justify the expense, I guess you can go down the blender road if your not bothered about Layout…

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People are always complaining on price!
Here in Montreal Quebec, a pack of cigarets is 18$ a botle of cheap beer is 1,25$ at grocery
so all the good things are more expensive then Sketchup PRO and Studio.
This is why Iike to renew my license yearly and keeps my healt clear.
I used to smoke 50 cigarettes per day and I stopped when a pack was 3$. I am using sketchup as hobby and it keeps my oldbrainer busy and healty. Yes I could get me upset sometimes but I go on the Forum to find solutions and follow the free seminars from The only Best One “AAron” Thank you!


I criticize the lack of differentiation of prices, depending on the frequency of use.

If that is the case, find different software. If one does not like what they have it is time to move on or live with it.