Open Letter: Time to say goodbye to Sketchup as an enthusiastic non-professional because of the pricing model

In my humble opinion, it is a friendly act to tell a company whose work and product you value what exactly you are criticizing. To possibly give them the opportunity to make a different decision.


non-proft licences are typically for appropriate institutions, not for private individuals or hobbyists.

another one would like to see a price depending on the amount of functionality using, i.e. if only using used defined parts of the functionality without arcs, annotations and section cuts the pricing should be deducted accordingly… aka cherry picking, this is not the way it works.

Look Box, when trumble want to ask more money they have to offer accordingly, and everyone in the forum agree, what is offered isnt at user expectation level in term of features


Not everyone in the forum agrees.


It is up to you if you want to pay extra for no improvement, just because inflations. As you said like it or leave it

One could very well look at it from a different perspective, if all the ‘old skool users’ payed a little bit more for using the software all this time, we might have been on another level already.
It’s just beginning to roll again.

Now that I no longer pay anything, I find that the subscription is not expensive enough. $ 3 per day is really unexpansive.

When you think of $ 1095 per year is really unexpensive:
May I ask if you use Sketchup professionally or as an amateur?

Please remember our discussion topic is about amateurs.

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When you started this thread you must have known that it is a troll magnet.


Please let me remember everyone here when I purchased sketchup pro permanent licence I payed 1025 USD. And now casually trimble ask me 250 usd/per year for What?!?!? I cant import a PFD, many missing essential fonctions in layout, every update required reinstalling all pluggins some of them will works other no. I am using sketchup from 2007 but I feel since google has sold sketchup, we are abused because there is no improvements justify the price increasing.


At least there are some who know how to do a multiplication or a division.

It’s always the same problem when we discuss here the incredible price increase x2.5 with the switch to subscription.
… if not, we can always relativize … $ 0.3 per hour is not expansive too.

Based on SketchUp’s underdevelopment for years, I thought there were around 250,000 paid (pro) users, but according to Mike they would be closer to 8 million.

I’ll let you multiply several million to $ 100 per year (the cost before subscription) and imagine the R&D budget … for such updates.

(Like what the price of a software is always the result of a division or a multiplication)

A monthly subscription would be great. Solid works has a 99 Euro a month option for a similar concept as Sketchup web.

I’m an OAP who doesn’t use SketchUp regularly. My income is limited to the UK state pension. I renewed my subscription last week in the run up to Christmas. Bad timing on my part, but if I can afford it, who can’t?

Enough with the veiled “you’ve lost me” insults. You lost yourself. Yellow card. Not nice.

There are many more expensive hobbies. Try golf, for instance.

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I dont want to drag the discussion into comparaison between softwares, since every software has his different approach and different purpose for different need for exemple Rhino / Grasshopper v7 is 900 usd perpetual licence .
But what I claim for, is that Trimble has to developpe sketchup to follow the users need , win win solution . Nothing more, sorry if anyone feel offensed of my comments. But me I like sketchup and always will keep use it.

At least Sketchup viewer is still free. I create models in Turbocad and then import them into Sketchup for viewing, after editing the view a bit. I have bought a year’s subscription to Sketchup, and if I don’t need it after that, my models are still viewable in the free viewer

A few years ago, I trained several groups in UK.
I was surprised that a young urbanist told me he could’nt afford a SketchUp license.

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I have been in the business for 40 years. I have used every CAD software out there from the first version of AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks, even MicroStation and all of the free stuff you can find. For the price, SketchUp is the best value hands down. Value is what you are looking for, not the cheapest as the cheapest is free open source junk.

You will come back around, I predict :slight_smile: