Open Letter: Time to say goodbye to Sketchup as an enthusiastic non-professional because of the pricing model

I think those responding that work for or consult, for Sketchup, do not realize the impact over the last couple of years the hardship many of us are facing.Staying financially afloat in these trying times has been a challenge.It is OK if you have an amazing cash flow business, but I think the majority of us rely on customer receivables, which now and again don’t always materialize when they should. Many of us have suffered the client pauses, changes, and cancellations! If your like me MASSIVE Client Bankruptcies! All the business glitches that can and are imagined. I am sure the person says he/she is not a professional, and may or may not relate. But as I mentioned before Adobe started this and never suffered a drop in business. You can’t fault success, even if Sketchup went to $1600.00 a year but never lost a subscription, you could not blame Trimble because YOU personally could not afford it.

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Please allow me to remind you what the initial posting says: “pricing model” not “price”.

I criticise it as inappropriate that amateurs and commercial users pay the same fee.
Emphasis on “the same”.

I criticise the lack of differentiation.

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It’s not just a price issue, it’s also the subscription issue that traps the customer, whether professional or not, coupled with all the other issues we have encountered in recent years.
The subscription is purely a financial calculation.

Thanks to Affinity great alternative, it’s cheap, friendly, powerful and well designed

I agree about Affinity, however you do not want to be in a hurry. I was with Adobe since 1986…I was 43 then a lot easier to learn. :grinning:

Never smoked and never drank, still, Sketchup is expensive, I am sure when the economy rebounds here in the US that will not be the case. Evey thing is relevant. Doing the Math, if we get back to around $8,500 a month income it will again look like a deal. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have basic needs with this software, but I am pleasantly surprised by the last update. Affinity software is getting really fun to use


cheapest isnt ‘free open source junk’. Fusion 360 is free and not many think Autodesk is open source junk. Its pretty much full functionality and free if you make less than 100k USD - from using their software…

I never said Autodesk was junk. Read

No it’s true now we know worse. With Autodesk, you know what to expect from the start.

I was talking about Affinity as an alternative to Adobe, which has friendly prices and no subscription

Fusion 360 is ‘free’ for startups

Fusion 360 for startups is eligible for venture-backed, angel-backed or bootstrap startups that are less than three years old and have 10 or fewer employees.

Businesses must generate less than $100,000 USD in gross annual revenue (including parent entities) and have a valid website or transact on a social media or digital platform.

Businesses must design or manufacture their own physical products and be willing to share their story with the Fusion 360 community.

Service providers, resellers, contract manufacturers and consultants doing work for other companies do not qualify for Fusion 360 for startups. Applicants can apply to extend their licence at the end of each 1 year term, as long as they continue to meet all qualifications.

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Fusion 360 is free but massive reduced in the functions since october 2020

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Oh so what is it, since comparisons are being made? Is Fusion 360 only Free for small startups (not most business use)?

For me it’s quite clear…

It is not free to use commercially, unless you meet their startup criteria.


Which, if it is so great you could fall out of that criteria quickly. Is that limit gross or net? What does it cost beyond that limit?

It still surprises me people consider the SU subscription cost exorbitant. For a hobby, maybe? For a business, spending less than $30/ month on your main software is really inexpensive. Most spend more than that on their internet, office supplies…coffee & bagels!


Un huh.

Right on, that is the secret to their success. I think your point is although Adobe is State of Art product there is an alternative to a would be monopoly of Graphics Software. Corel is another. Autodesk as is Adobe, an 800lb Gorilla in the room so to speak, of companies who cater to the high end professional Studios.This aligned with the subscription costs for each are overwhelming to those of us who were suddenly without clients for a year!!

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Autodesk catering to high end studios is kind of an oxymoron though, isn’t it? For the price they charge, they should be, but they don’t.

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For my part, I am not fascinated by what Autodesk produces…

I dont really follow that logic either. I mean, I wouldn’t go into BMW and ask for a 50% reduction in price because I’m only driving locally… That might be a bad analogy, because software is digital, but I cant see how that would work, unless you pay for the usage by the hour or something?.

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