Sketchup Web based Question

Hello All

I have a question regarding the Sketchup web based

I am looking to use Sketchup away from home as I have SketchUp Pro there so I need to use it on my work computer and I am not allowed to download it there

Is there a way to create/edit a model at work and save it so as that I can pick up where I left off at home

Thanks again

Yes, that way is an integral part of SketchUp for Web, and it is called Trimble Connect.

Have you tried it out already?

… and if it is work related, you’ll need a SketchUp Shop license. (9.99/mo;119/yr)

I have SketchUp Pro do I need to spend the $9.99 a month … if so that’s a rip off

It is a separate product that requires it’s own maintenance.
There are those here who’ve argued for discounts.
Others argue it should be included in a Pro license. However this is the decision Trimble made.