Sketchup Pro 'Subscription' In India

Hi Team Sketchup

A reseller in India tells me that users in India are NOT legally allowed to use Sketchup pro for Web, the one that’s for $299 an year. Could you please clarify?


which reseller, are they on the authorised list

do they offer SU Pro v2019 at all? A few websites I looked at only list SU v18 which did not have a ‘Subscription’ offering…

I changed the title to better reflect the product concerned…


Thanks John. They dont appear on the list but were sent to me by Tribble India.

He was referring to the Web SaaS offering here -

That is not Saas. The Shop version is a ‘premium web based modeler’, but it runs in your browser and saves in the cloud, but you can also save files to your local desktop, though. It is almost SaaS(!)

They’re talking about Subscription.
You can subscribe to Shop for 119 per year and have access to that web based modeler.

If you need a desktop version, you can subscribe to a Pro subscription for 299/y

You get to download the desktop version and install it on your desktop or laptop. Once signed in, you can go offline for about 28 days, then you have to reconnect to keep working. Same with Studio subscription.
No SaaS.