Problems with paid license and I don't have access to Sketchup

Hi, my name is Paulo from Portugal, Lisbon.
I don’t understand what’s going on, I have my paid license but it says that it has expired.
I can’t open Sketchup, I’m going crazy … HELP
These guys don’t have a company shat, I think it’s incredible.

That amount would be for Shop (109 p/y) That is the web based modeller. Your screens shows the desktop version, for which you would need a SketchUp Pro subscription ( 274 euro p/y)

At the time of purchase and after I got it, I can’t believe that you have to work with the web

what does the ‘My Products’ section shows?

I didn’t notice, probably

does it says ‘Shop’?
probably, the trial which you get for Pro and Studio has ended.

On the web it is much more limited, not at all the same look, it is very bad !!

SketchUp Shop works fine but it is different from SketchUp Pro. From your screenshots you paid for SketchUp Shop on 20 Mar 2021 not SketchUp Pro. Paying for the SketchUp Shop subscription doesn’t get you SketchUp Pro.

Yes. We know what SketchUp Shop looks like. If you want SketchUp Pro instead, you should be able to pay the difference in the price of the license. Contact Customer Support and let them know you inadvertently purchased the wrong subscription and ask them to help you upgrade to the correct subscription.

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I had the free version for many years, which was much better.
Now I have paid 109 € for a license that does not interest me and I will have to pay another 274 € …

Let me try to do that
Thanks to the 2 of you

No, it should be pro rata, so 11/12x274-109=142

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Just send mail, let’s see what they say.
Thanks again.