Abonnement payé pour pro mais accès qu'à free

Je souhaite joindre sketchupcar j ai payé une version pro et je n y ai pas accès. Leur messagerie ne marche pas (formulaire) quelqu un aurait il un autre moyen de les joindre ? Merci

I too have paid for the Pro and have received my licence and have been working happily away with SketchUp Pro 2020. Suddenly today I have received a message from SketchUp/Trimble saying my 2020 Free Trial has expired and urging me to subscribe.

I’m hoping that this is an administrative blip and that I wont be automatically cut off.

Robin Kay, Leicester, England

Most likely you started the free trial, them purchased your license, but either did not enter your license information (if you bought perpetual) or did not log in with the account that purchased your subscription. The good news is that it only takes a few seconds to fix! @colin will have detailed steps if you need them.

Many thanks, Aaron for your very prompt and helpful reply.
Greetings from a sunny central England.
I’ve been a full Pro member since ~2012, but didn’t upgrade these last couple of years. As you rightly surmise, I started the 2020 free trial, then purchased my license. I probably didn’t enter my license information or log in correctly. I’ll get it fixed and will refer to @colin if I need a rescue.
Thanks again.
Robin (Kay)

I think that I have found your details, but under the email address I have I don’t see either a permanent license or a subscription. I will PM you to make sure of the details I am using.

Just realized you’re replying in the forum topic, and not via private message. I’ll delete the messages here.