Applying Color to my Layout Project

Hi Everyone,

This probably sounds like an easy question, but so far I cant find an answer.

I am working on my Layout project and I need to apply color to the model,when I try to apply a color from my shape style in layout it only colors the area around my tabletop and does color the tabletop. Can this be done in Layout or do I have to apply all colors or textures in Sketchup and Save As and then insert that object into Layout.

I am sorry if I am not explaining it correctly

Tabletop_ color.skp (1.1 MB)

For the SketchUp viewports, you would add the colors in SketchUp.

If you’ve already started the LayOut project, edit the SketchUp file to add colors as desired. Update the style(s) for the scenes if needed and save the file. Then in LayOut, right click on one of the viewports and choose Update Model Reference. The changes you made to the SketchUp file should show up in the viewports.

A few comments about your model:

For the tabletop top view with the labels, you can add the labels in LayOut instead of SketchUp. They’ll look more professional if you add them in LayOut.

In your exploded view of the drawer, you’ve exploded all the components for the parts except the drawer pull.

The grain orientation is incorrect on many of the components. If you apply the material to the faces instead of the component containers, you would be able to adjust the orientation so it’s correct.

After correcting the texture.

Tabletop_ color.skp (810.9 KB)

As always Dave Thanks!!! I will be doing a final revision of all viewports in my layout program when I’m finished actually building the end table… everything is on hold until my kids are back in school… Feb vacation gotta love it!!!lol

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