Applying color to surface

Hello everyone!
I aim to aply some color to my imported model, but problem is, that it consists of large amount of visible geometry faces. Is there some quick way to make all selected geometry as one surface in order to apply color to it?

Depends a lot on how it’s made. The simple answer is if it’s all loose geometry then triple click (three clicks) will select all connected faces and edges. The more complicated answer depends on how things are arranged in your file. I see some back faces (dark blue) incorrectly facing outward and you could benefit from using soften,smooth settings to turn the many small faces into single selectable surfaces. It’s also not possible to tell If any of your geometry is contained in groups or components, which would effect things.

For the best answer, upload your .skp model here.

If you are going to use more than one of these, I recommend that you build a simplified version. At least run ThomThoms Cleanup before doing anything else. The model seems to have a zillion triangles forming what is probably a flat piece of board. It is coming from some other modelling software than SketchUp.

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I applied CleanUp3 plugin, but without visible success… ThomThoms plugin seems to be better?

ok, here is small piece of model, as it is too big for posting here. I have no problems to orient faces correctly, the ting is that I want to apply colors for larger surfaces…

UZFORUMU2.skp (4.0 MB)