Colors show up in Layout

This should be an easy one. I’ve been working in Sketchup for awhile but am just starting to use Layout. I’m designing a house and want to produce some construction documents. When I send my model to Layout a bunch of colors show up that were not in the model. What am I doing wrong? Here is an example:

What does it look like in SU (or what should it look like)? Do you have any custom styles saved in SU that have been applied by accident once inserted into LO?

You may need to post your SU model and LO file to look more closely at other possible issues.

That looks like a graphic card issue. Try updating the drivers and be sure LayOut uses the dedicated graphic card.

For the example, I just drew a 2-D rectangle, offset the edges, and sent it to Layout and that’s what I get.

Try what @MikeWayzovski is suggesting. I’ve never had any graphics card issues so my brain automatically checked for style problems…

The drivers were up to date but I set the default graphics card for Sketchup/Layout to my Nvidia driver and this solved the problem. Thanks so much!

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