Can I mix styles in my Sketchup drawing?

Hi, I have a landscape plan in Planview in the Hidden Line Style (black and white). Is it possible to add color to only a few select objects like the pavers or the pathways, so that the drawing is black and white but the pavers are gray (not the outline but the actual object). I usually take a black and white drawing and import it into Photoshop to add color, but I’d like to skip this step and try and do it all in Sketchup. Thanks.

I’m on iPad, but the concept is the same . (also there might be a better solution)

I would use the ‘shaded’ or ‘shaded with textures’ style, set the shadow option to “use sun for shadow” and then adjust the light and dark sliders to whatever gives you that black and white look. Then just color the faces as needed.

A style is an all or nothing sort of thing. Doing what @Danimaupin suggests is one option. Another would be to use LayOut with stacked viewports using different styles. Another simple option is to make several image exports and combine them in an image editor as I did for this image.

Another option would be to use FredGhost as I did in the following image.