Recreating Pen and Ink style drawings using SketchUp, Skalp, Layout

I am looking to recreate the old pen and ink style of black and white drawings in Sketchup and Layout.
I have skalp and just started using it. Any help with style setting in Sketchup or Skalp to create this “pen and ink look” would be appreciated.
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I like those old drawing styles, too. The line styles are fairly easy but you would need to create textures to get the hatching and shading. I’ve thought about making some and trying to achieve a similar look but haven’t got around to it. I think even with the textures, there’d be a fair amount of handwork in post process.

I was playing around with a model and came up with this.

The text and border are done in LO and the old paper image was added there. The model views are from SU, of course.


This is a quick example, but you can take a hand drawn “hatching” sample and import it as a texture and apply to your model:


Thanks for all the great suggestions,
I will try a few things out in the coming weeks,

I would get them as close as you can using the standard SketchUP styles, shadows, materials and scenes. Then export scene images as high resolution png’s.

Take the png’s over to an image manipulation program and run them through a halftone process. Here’s a link to a simple tutorial –

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