Can I do this from SketchUp? (Make look like a painting)



Hi guys! I have a question… I really want make some landscapes like that:

This is a 3d modelling (I think was made in Unity, not sure), but final result looks like a “painting/draw” and not a real 3d thing.

I was looking how to make that from SketchUp, because I find cool this software. I see that you can mix SketchUp with Lumion and have more interesting results, but in a 3d/real way. You guys know if is possible and how I make the final result looks like the image above? With a sense of being drawn/painted? Maybe modelling on SketchUp and texture/lights in some another program? The render make difference?

I don’t know much about these things…


The images you posted make me guess that the final image was created out of the others in Photoshop by using layers and filters creatively. Similar techniques have also been used to create “painterly” output from SketchUp, see for instance the "Dennis technique"described in

I like the image you posted - looks almost if coming from a Studio Ghibli movie…


I see… So is something like photoshop after the modelling. I will make a search and find PS techniques in that way! Thanks for the reply and the PDF link.

(Yes, I love Ghibli. I love the Makoto Shinkai work too. I want try to put out some stuff like that, because is really beautiful)


Ya, this very much seems like a still image. Many artists use SketchUp to create the underlying perspective image then paint over it.

If you wanted a 3D painterly scene you could walk around in, you’d need to create a bunch of painterly type materials and apply them, and possibly render in a game engine. A limited painterly scene can also be created by projecting painted textures, sometime similar to this video.


Wow, cool video. Yeah, I don’t need something to “walk” around, because is not a game purposes. Is more the art himself, but… I like to have different perspectives from the same scene, with can be possible in the way that the video shows. The only thing is the painting part, I think I will need a wacom table or something… Or maybe I can try new ways to painting/texturing.

Thanks for the tips!


I might be wrong but the first 2 pictures there seem to be straight out of SketchUp.


It is? I actually don’t know. This is the artist:

And I found in here:


I’ve have a recollection that the first 4 are SU views and that there was a tutorial ‘somewhere’ on how it was made…

maybe on SketchUcation…

the 3rd looks like ‘color by layer’ and the 4th ‘Shaded’…

if it isn’t the same, it was something very close to this…