Single Sign On with HWB

Hi, our school are unable to use the single sign on on your site as we use HWB, this is the case for most schools in Wales and will be for all schools in Wales. Been in touch with HWB and they won’t allow your app as your terms and conditions state age 12 and above, secondary schools start at 11 so HWB would’nt be able to allow, it would have to be allow for eveyone. Is this something that might change or can we have another way or logging in?


@Android2408 Our SketchUp for Schools program is COPPA compliant and does not store any personally identifiable information for its users, meaning that it is compliant for most regulations regarding student use. Although I don’t know the specifics of all regulations in Wales, I would encourage you to review the links that I have provided to ensure that they meet your use standards, and if you or HWB have any further questions for us please feel free to reach out here or via our support channel.

Like I said it’s your terms and conditions that’s stopping HWB from allowing the app with SSO, it’s states 12 and over our pupils start at 11 and HWB cannot tell pupils apart so it would have to be allowed across the board or not allowed and because of the 12 it’s not!!! Is there another way of using it without the SSO? It’s now creating loads of issues with course work!

Thank you

This is the reply we get from HWB - I have double checked and Sketchup has been reviewd. Unfortunately the app is blocked as it has a minimum age requirement of 13 to use. As it is one tenant google would apply it to all staff and pupil accounts if we allowed Single sign on including users under the minimum age. Due to this we are unable to provide access to single sign on from the app. You should be able to sign up using your Hwb account and it would be your responsibility as a school when creating the accounts to agree the terms and conditions set.