Since upgrade 2021.0 on mac big sur loading issues

Hi all,

Since ive been upgraded Sketchup to 2021.0 i have issues loading my previous project, no error its not stuck or something just not loading it. sometimes after doing some magic with expose and CMD tab it works but performance is not great. others have the same issue?

Do you have a screenshot of your application folder (the lower part, where SketchUp should reside)?

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 19.50.53

That seems ok, serious lagging can come from automatic syncing with icloud, are your documents on them?

Btw. it is a good habit to reboot the machine after installing, all the plists get updated etc.
Which OS exactly? (Eg 11.2)

Let me try another reboot. and pull my files from documents to a non-icloud drive.

FWIW, it would be wise to keep files you are working on saved locally on your computer and only back them up in the Cloud. Besides long access times when opening files, you can run into problems during saves (both manual and auto) that corrupt your files making them unusable. It only takes a a few milliseconds of data drop out to wreck your hours of work.

Removing the items out of my ~/Documents folder did the trick!

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