From one instant to another 3Dwarehouse suddenly got extremely slow and freezes it looks like

From one instant to another 3dwarehouse downloads got extremely slow even with small files. Once I had to force quit as it wasn’t responding it looked like it was frozen.
The only thing I run on this comp is basically sketchup, and have just 3 files with the biggest being 100MB.

Hope to find out what causes this problem I’m having as this takes a lot of time from me with just waiting till a download finally appears in my sketchup file.

Your profile says you’re using “IOS” operating system. SketchUp Pro doesn’t run on iOS, so I’m guessing you use some version of OS X or macOS?

Are you using iCloud Drive with your home folder on iCloud? If so, you could be waiting on the file you downloaded being uploaded to iCloud. If your upstream speed is much slower than your downstream speed, this could be causing the delays.

I see now that I have macOS. No Im not using icloud (at least not that I know of), I don’t have cloud service accounts. Unless sketchup safes it on the cloud for me in my account with them maybe? But I think its just downloaded into my computer.
I tried 3dwarehouse today again and it even took some time to just open the page at all. But my internet is very fast.

The last person I talked to about iCloud that wasn’t sure whether they were using iCloud had their entire home folder on iCloud without realising they’d done it. Just in case, have a look in System Preferences -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive and see if you have a tick next to ‘Desktop and Documents’. It might look slightly different on your version of macOS but you still haven’t told us which one by updating your profile.

Your idea of fast might not be the same as someone else’s. How fast?

I can’t find iCloud tab, maybe because I’m logged out of Apple ID which I am (I never log in), it says log into Apple ID in preferences.

My internet speed is 30Mbps. For my area is the max I could get.

Now that you’ve updated your profile, I see that you’re on Catalina. Apple changed where you find the iCloud settings for that version of macOS. It’s now found in
System Preferences -> Apple Account -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Options

If you say you never log into iCloud then that’s probably not the problem, I was just asking as that has caused other people on the forum to experience delays.

Is your 30Mbps symettrical i.e. the same speed up as down?

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It says in a speedtest I have 3 Mbps upload speed. and it gives me now 26 mbps download.