Hello Everybody. I'm new to SketchUp and I'm experiencing technical difficulties from the 3D Warehouse

Unfortunately I’m having a really hard time downloading components from the 3D Wearehouse. It will take anywhere from an hour to not downloading at all for a single component, it seems like a lot of time wasted to find out I don’t like the component then I need to pick another one. Is this normal? I’m not sure how I can speed the process up or where I have gone wrong to cause this issue.
I have a project I need to get complete so any assistance would be at help.

Thanks, April

I don’t use warehouse from inside of sketchup… It is better to use web browser for downloading models, then you can clean up the model, make render material settins and copy to your main work …

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What you’re seeing can happen if you have iCloud Drive sync options turned on for desktop and documents. Your download of something small gets synched back to the cloud, and may have to wait its turn while other things are being synched.

You may want to read up on what happens when you turn off the option. Suddenly you may find that you don’t have any local files in Documents or Desktop, they will only be online, which can be alarming. Once you understand what the side effect is going to be, it’s this part of System Preferences that you need to change.

On my Mac I have that checkbox unchecked, that makes everything be faster.

Hi Colin, Thanks for getting back to me. I have never had iCloud Drive turned on.

Mac OS does default to iCloud being turned on. Each fresh install I have to remember to go and turn off that setting.

Is it any different when you test in a browser like kenancakir suggested?

Unless you are wise and stick to older versions before they started doing ■■■■ like that. :slight_smile: