Items taking a long time to download into model 2020 PRO

I have a Macbook PRO, and I was using 2017 Make, and a couple weeks ago upgraded to 2020 Pro. I think I selected the application version (b/c there is also a web based version, correct?) . Ever since I upgraded to pro, when I download model items from the warehouse, even small ones like a single chair, it takes 1-2 minutes to download into my model. Sometimes once it’s downloaded I get the spinny thing on my cursor every time I try to move, and sometimes it works fine. I do not think this is an internet connection issue - as I have no issues outside of this. Does this have something to do with 2020? Is there a setting I can change? It is seriously slowing me down. I’m not good at computer-y things, so dumb it down for me. :slight_smile: . And, this is my first post, so THANK YOU!

Do you use iCloud to save?

What Mike says could be it. I’ve done a lot of component downloads in 2020, and it isn’t any different than earlier versions. But, if you have iCloud set to mirror your downloads folder, you end up with the time it takes to download the file, then upload to your iCloud drive.

Look in Settings to see what your iCloud Drive settings are.

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Yes. I am going to look into that. Thank you!

So, do I uncheck the Desktop & Documents Folders?