SketchUp files take hours to open (if they open at all)

I’m having an issue all of the sudden when I try to open my SketchUp files (I’m fairly new to SketchUp - only been using about 4 months now). The file is admittedly large but it seems like I should at least be able to open the file without having to force quit the application. I upgraded to MacOS Catalina a few days ago (Version 10.15.5, 2019 mac, 40 gb memory installed). I am not sure if the problem is my upgrade to Catalina. My files were slow to open and work on prior to the upgrade, however, it’s almost like I can’t work on anything after the upgrade. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice!!

What sort of size are your SU files? And how many edges?

You can get the former from Finder, and the latter (if you can eventually open the file(s) from Window/Model Info/Statistics (check the box “Show nested components”).

PS. You have shown what is probably your system memory in your profile under Graphics Card. Please go to the Apple menu, choose About this Mac and put in what it says about your Graphics.

PPS. What version of SU are you using, including any sub-version? For example, I’m running SU 2020.1.228 under Mac OS Mojave. Open a new SU file, or a small model, and pick Sketchup/About Sketchup.

And one last PS. What steps have you taken to keep your model size manageable? Have you downloaded a lot of 3D Warehouse furniture or other objects? Are you using textures that are larger than necessary?

Use Window/Model Info/Purge unused to remove unused components and materials. And see this link:

Catalina sets the icloud automatically, check in your system preferences->Apple ID which folders sync.

Mike said what I was going to say, but the location I would check is the iCloud Drive options. That caused problems when Mojave can out, and I made that change long ago. I had to reinstall Catalina at one point, and again everything was slow. I remembered about that setting, and changed it again. Thing were then fast again.

Here’s the setting I mean:

Thank you for the reply. The SU file size is 318.8 MB and there are 1,340,978 edges (I have used a lot of 3D Warehouse and Podium objects and am not sure how to make the file size smaller). The Graphics are Radeon Pro 570x 4 GB. The SU version is 20.0.362. I really don’t know a ton about SU so I apologize if I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about. Thank you so much for helping me!

I went and looked and all of the boxes under the iCloud drive were checked. Should I uncheck them? Does this slow the computer down? Thanks for your help!

I’m suggesting to uncheck the first box. There are consequences, in terms of where your files are located, and I hesitate to do that on someone else’s system without them understanding what the change does. You could do some searching to find out what that does, and what it changes.

With that turned off, all use of documents should speed up, not just in SketchUp.

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I ended up pulling an older model for the edges (so sorry). The true number of edges is 2,693,283.

Your file size (roughly 320 MB) and edge count (2.7 million edges) are both very large by SU standards, and even under the best circumstances will take many minutes to load (but not hours). I have a model about the same size, that can take 20 minutes to load, and longer if I forget to close or at least minimise the Outliner and Components Windows. If you leave those open, SU has to recalculate what to show with every new component that it loads, and it can add AGES to the opening time. It’s better in 2020 than in 2019, but not lighting fast even so.

There is a slightly later version of SU for Mac (20.1.228) which might help slightly as I think I remember it has some small fixes for Catalina.

If you haven’t already, DO use Window/Model Info/Purge unused. See if it makes any difference to the file size, edge or component instance counts.

And if you want to see which components in your model are contributing most to the edge count, and hence dragging down the performance in general, and load time in particular, @slbaumgartner has an Edge Count plugin (not published) which he might be willing to run on your model to see where you might be able to replace a ‘heavy’ component, probably from the 3D Warehouse or Podium, to reduce the size and complexity of your model.

If you’d like him to try that, or if he’s willing to let me try it for you, upload your model (after Purging) to Dropbox or a similar file sharing service, or use WeTransfer, and post a link here.