Sketchup continuously closes for no apparent reason

I’m desperate. I have a file that is about 180 mb in size. Every time I open the file, it randomly closes on me. It may be 5 seconds after I open it, 5 minutes, while I’m doing a command, or while I’m not. I have found no reason for it.

I have turned off autosave. I have tried 3 different computers, one PC and two Macs (the Mac is the primary computer I use). I have also created a new file and copied the objects from my file into it and saved it with a new name, in case something in the file was corrupt. I have deleted the preference files in my Mac computers. I’ve used Sketchup Pro 6 to open it, Sketchup 8, and Sketchup 14 (or Make or whatever it’s called). The problem happens in all of these situations. I can’t think of anything else to do.

Every time it closes, it takes 5 full minutes to open. I have wasted hours upon hours of time trying to get anything done. Can anyone please help?

It seems your computer(s) are trying to tell you something about file size.
Do you know why the file is so large?
How would you go about reducing the file size?


I know the file is large, but I have seen others post about 300 mb files before so I thought my size might not be too bad. I really have no way to reduce it, unfortunately my client is requiring tons of furnishings and landscaping. The client isn't having any issues when they view the file, so they think it's my computer and blame me for the problem. I'm at my wits end.