Problem opening SU file with SU2015 English

Hello everyone. I’m having problems opening a singular file (all the other files open ok). When I open the file Sketchup starts as always with the toolbars and all that but the little “processing circle” never stop and after a couple of minutes the program freeze. This never happen to me before and I can’t find information about something like this neither, try to open with others PCs and is the same thing.
The file size is 177MB, mi PC run on Windows10 8GB RAM and 64 bit, Geforce GTX 980 video card.

My english is very limited so I apologize in advance for the writing.

Could you upload the problem file to the 3d Warehouse or a file sharing service such as Drop box, OneDrive or Google Drive, and maybe someone can try to open it.

It might simply be too big for your computer - it’s towards the upper end of workable file sizes.

Or may just take a very long time to open - especially if you have either or both of the Outliner or Component browser windows open in SU when you try to open the file.

Open SketchUp with an empty file, close Outliner and Component Browser windows, then try File/Open to open the file. It might still take several minutes to open - be patient.

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