Large file won't open

I have a very large file file (165MB) which I used without any problems because some layers were turned off. I recently turned on all the layers and closed the file before turning them off again. Now the file won’t open. I have even waited for 3 hours. My computer has 12gb RAM anf Nvidia Geforce gtx graphics card. Do you know another way I could access this file? Its really urgent. Thanks.

which version of SketchUp?

This may not help too much, but I have +400MB SketchUp files that will open easily in SK2014. It could be one that one of your texture is corrupted within your file and that why it works when you don’t load that layer it works

You should still be able to upload your model to a file sharing site and maybe some will open it for you and turn layers off. I think you may try open in safe mode. If you are still using SU >= 2014 it still runs as a 32 bit app and memory above 4GB is not addressable and it splits the 4GB 1/2 app and kernel. Since you have 32 GB RAM I assume you have a 64 bit machine and already have 64 drivers so maybe switch to 2015 would help?? Hope some else confirms this:(

I have the same problem, I try for hours to open it with Pro 8 and when it opens (not always), I get “not responding” every 5 seconds so it’s impossible to work. It won’t let me purge because it will take Sketchup forever. I use the most simple style I can get, with no shadows. The file is 100Mb. I can’t open the file with the 64 bits trial version of Sketchup 2015 either. My computer is 32Gb Ram Nvidia Quadro 2100…