I can't open the file I've been working on for a month, please help!

i’m building a school project in sketchup pro 2020, i recently purchased my subscription. i had no problems in the beginning and now my sketchup app won’t even open. I’ve downloaded some rendering extensions thinking that may have caused the problem but i’ve since uninstalled them and disabled them because of them potentially being the issue and that did not help. prior to this issue, I noticed sketchup running incredibly slow and so I have to keep force quitting it which is causing my enitire laptop to shut down. i’ve tried Sketchup Pro 2019, 2020, and 2021 and no luck in the file even opening. Please help my project is due soon and its very important!https://drive.google.com/file/d/11RU7QIGTRCPdaTz8KKGRmhW6BPCxbRVc/view?usp=sharing

Your file is so full of Stuff it is struggling.
You need to understand that everything you shove into your model increases the work the graphic card needs to do. You must be careful adding detail that is beyond what you need.

You need to Purge your model regularly to remove junk that you have added and discarded.

And you need to work with a style that is set to minimise graphic work and set scenes for ‘display’. No edge Profiles, monochrome, so you can check face orientation.

You need to use tags to turn off things when they aren’t needed, complex flower arrangements and mannequins for example.

Purging your model, without actually doing any cleanup reduced it from 212mb to 60 mb.
I have added a Tag called Stuff and tagged the most troublesome items and turned it off, you may want to create more relevant tags and add the items as appropriate so you can turn them on as you need them, in specific scenes for example.


I separated out just one of your floral arrangements, 86,692 components and 17,336 groups will drag just about any computer to it’s knees, and you have several of them…

To me it looks like that about 80% of all the bloat in the model is in these components. I just examined a model by another member where removing a couple of creeping plants reduced the file size by about 85%. I myself try to avoid using 3D Warehouse content whenever possible.

Do not get carried away by unnecessary detail but keep to the level required by the assignment. I just completed a competition entry for a 5000 m² building. Plans, elevations and renders came out quite OK for a sketch, and my statistics look like this:
I am not a professional render artist so this includes all the entourage elements I needed. The real pros tend to add all entourage in postprocessing in Photoshop.

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Thank you so much for the help! I’m new to this program and my teachers have been zero help at all. I was unaware of the tags but that is very good to know! hopefully I can make it work using those!