Can't open received file (Too big)

Hi guys, I have received a very big file (460 mb) that seem to make sketches not respond. The plan with the file is to cut it into smaller pieces and removing some of the layers (it is a map of Manhattan) (This will make the smaller pieces into smaller file size). The problem is that I can’t even open the file to do this any help?

hello, it is quite a big file indeed. Is it a sketchup model you are trying to open, or a 3d file you are trying to import inside sketchup ?

With such a big file, sketchup may seem like it is not responding, but it needs time to load it.
Anyway, you should ask the person who sent it to try purging it (window > model info > statistics > purge unused) or use a plugin like thomthom’s cleanup, to see if it lightens the file a bit.
If it doesn’t, it would be necessary to make a smaller area, or remove the layers before sending it.

Hi, its a sketch model. I will see if its possible to get a purged version then. Thanks!

If you can’t get a purged version, just start it opening and go do something else. The message Not Responding means that SketchUp is busy and can’t respond to any of your inputs until it’s finished. When that message is displayed, SketchUp is telling you to leave it alone and let it do it’s thing.

As the guys advised, the spinning beach ball just means SketchUp is working and not ready for user input. Just give it time. However, be warned that the model is too complex for your computer to handle well. It will almost surely be sluggish once loaded too.

Oh okay, just tried to let it be for an hour and still not responding.

I had a file given to me once that took 4 days to respond. Fortunately I knew it would and opened it on a spare computer.
It comes down to how complex the model is and how quick your computer is.

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'Course, whoever sent it to you must have been able to open and manipulate it. Might be worth comparing the pooter specs (yours with his/hers). If the originating machine is Deep Thought, say, and you’re on something normal, you might be a bit stuffed.