Simple Question Rounded Edges on Block

How do I round over all four surfaces on a block? I can push/pull two of the four surfaces, but don’t know how to create the complex intersection of two adjacent surfacesShape

Use the follow me tool.

Use the follow-me tool.


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Thanks! I knew it was something obvious.

I get how the tool easily “adds” material to a shape. Can it “subtract?” I created a regular block in the pic, and then added the rounded edges with the Follow Me tool. However, I wanted to add a block to the top, and didn’t want to “add” anything but just round over the top edge. It almost worked! Must one always “add,” not subtract?

Follow Me is also subtractive. From your screen shot it looks like you missed selecting an edge.

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That screenshot could also be as a result of dragging the follow me tool rather than preselecting, as Dave has shown.
And it looks like you may be working at a very small scale, you often get all the edges of the curve showing when things are very small.

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Thanks. Yes, working in inches to design some capitals for a pergola column. I’ll give it another shot.