Simple curved part surface edge issue

Hi guys - I have a really simple part that is taking me farrrrr too much time…grrrr! OK it has a few compound curves but I cannot get it to become solid without breaking it, or bumping into surface edge issues? Ideally the edges have a 200mm curve to them but I have already had to reduce this to 85 or so to not have overlap issues in the Round Corner plugin. What’s the secret! Edge part.skp (523.4 KB)

Click in sequence on the Scenes tabs of this SU file for comments.

Edge part with comments.skp (675.3 KB)

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If you want it to be the same as the other side, cut the form in half and mirror the other side, and put it back together.

I guess your sides are not symmetrical. The object is small. You can’t put a 200mm radius on it without big overlaps

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Or is this all you wanted? Not sure.

Yes it is. Sorry about the long silence…!

In case you didn’t get it figured out your own way… The flat face is messed up. I marked it’s location with a guideline and added a large rectangle bisecting the shape. “Intersect with faces”. Delete the geometry on the old flat face side of the rectangle. Remove outside of rectangle. Move the new face to correct location. (Assuming the top and end edges are approximately perpendicular to the this face). It’s not perfect geometry but you have some “manual” work to do anyway, to fix that along the top, if you choose.