Curved face problem

hey there ive been messing around with soap skin but can get it to work with round corners :frowning: anyone know a fix or a better way of achieving the same thing. i attached the model. you can see one corner is fine but the other doesn’t fillet right where the edges meet killmenow.skp (19.2 KB)

What would you like to achieve?

that shape with rounded corners, if you look at one of the corners i cant round it

like this all the way around

The top of the shape isn’t planar, and simple corner rounding can’t work on the two corners where the diagonal edge lands. You might try drawing a “cutter” with the required arc, placing it at the corner, and then intersecting it with the faces of the shape.

BTW please fix your profile. It says you are using the web version, but the figures you shared are clearly from a desktop version.

  • You can have a try with FredoCorner instead of RoundCorner, it should handle such cases better.
  • You can delete the top surface, round the corners and recreate the top with Curviloft

OMG 10/10 . thank you so much :smiley: