Round corner still causing grief!


Round corner is a pretty invaluable tool, but I seem to run into the same problem again and again… possibly even increasingly so?!?

Quite often if I draw a kitchen worktop, then punch a sink hole through it, then try to bevel the edge I’ll end up with a line/some lines running from the edge of the sink hole, to the edge of the worktop, with a face missing between. I tried changing the bevel to 1 segment, but it won’t allow it.

Similarly, even rounding the corner of this window board (admittedly easy to do just using arc, but in the interest of perhaps understanding) does a similar thing?

As always, all help appreciated!



Can you share the component?

I’m going with the Dave Method.

Or something very subtly out of plane.

I’m sure you’re probably right… It’s not even a component, just the window board, which is a group.

14th Novemebr 2019 Mayhew v1.skp (1.4 MB)

Thanks for the response!

I get the same result with FredoCorner but Round Corner works fine. Probably a thing Fredo6 needs to look into.

FWIW, I’ve sent him an e-mail. I’ll report back when I hear something.

Thanks Dave, really appreciate it!

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Word from Fredo6 is that he’s looking at your SKP file to see if he can sort out the issue.

Amazing… v grateful to you both!

Incidentally, pass on how amazing FredoScale is… revolutionised my use of SU!