Signing into all things Trimble

This is rather tedious… Signing in with Trimble. The struggle to sign in or kept being signed in to access Location or 3D Warehouse just seems to get more difficult as time marches by.
I have jumped through the hoops, and expecting Trimble to send me the code, but alas one waits, and waits, and waits… cobwebs are starting to form…

No, the email is working as I am receiving from other sources at the same time. And no, nothing in the Junk or Spam folder!

Do you have your browser set up to delete cookies autmatically?

I only have to sign in once every 28 days. I have the browser set up to save both my username and password so I don’t have to type those things. When I get the message that it’s time to sign in again I open the page, click and select the e-mail address, click and select the password, and, when the multi-factor authorization code comes in a text message, I copy and paste it into the field. (I always keep a tab in my browser open for text messages so I don’t have to type on my phone if I’m at my computer.)

Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply…

it did pitch up … eventually… just short of 10 minutes. I am on a Mac with fingerprint recognition, so passwords are loaded automatically.

In this instance, either my computer changed the password or someone else did.

Thanks for response, cheers

Are you referring to the text message? I don’t know from where the message originates but I get it within about 5 seconds. Basically I click the button to send it, click on the Messages tab in my browser and the message is waiting.

That’s odd. Hopefully it won’t happen again.


The only time I have ever seen the text message authentication option there was a button to ‘ignore’ it. Can’t remember the wording but I meant the double authentication wasn’t created for my account.

It might be an optional thing. I activated it so I’d know what the process is if others had questions.

the code eventually arrived in my inbox. Then going through the process of setting up a new password, then it asks to sign in again, then I use the password I JUST SET UP, ASKING ME FOR A @#$%^@#$^@#$^@#^ CODE!!!

and we wait… submitted request for code July 14th 2022 at 15h40:35 …

arrived at 14h47… I know some of us are in Africa, but am sure there is not anybody running around with a cleft stick between servers…

Then, to be told the code is valid for 60 minutes, which is a lie too, as it said the code had expired, at 14h58!