Trimble sign-in issue - emergency!

I’m busy with a project with a deadline for today, and want to open my SU model in Layout to assemble the presentation - I am asked to sign in, launch the Trimble page in my browser, but no sign in option…
I’ve relaunched Safari, relaunched SketchUp (same issue), relaunched Layout (issue persists), and have no internet issue.

This ■■■■ has to stop! I have a Pro licence, linked to my specific computer - why is it necessary to sign in every 28 days, and why the added risk to my business?!!

This subscription model sucks!

any chance you’re using a vpn ? or an adblocker ?

Nothing that I am aware of (apart from Safari’s built-in privacy functions), and nothing I have added in he last couple of months) (apart from MacOS upgrades).

Disable those built in privacy functions.
Clear your cookies and internet history and try again.

You could even try setting another browser as default.

This is usually something being blocked, it is usually a Safari/MacOS thing

Thank you for that!!
It would seem that it was an extension in Safari called *Hush - “Block annoying cookie and tracking consent notices while keeping your privacy”. Not sure why it is suddenly an issue.
But why, oh why, would Trimble want me to compromise my privacy/security…? Surely a significant percentage of their ‘customers’ are Mac users? Is this why we have ‘subscription models’ now - so that the likes of Trimble can glean (and presumably share/sell) as much information on us as they can?
Today just reminded me that, when something goes wrong with your subscription, your professional credibility is jeopardised - there really is no excuse for it, and I fail to see why the legacy model was discarded…

Money/profits/dividends for the stakeholders?

It’s usually because there is a google sign in option and google are the world’s largest ad provider, so ad blockers block things they use routinely
Blocking it stops that login option from loading.

I’m sure you could configure that in the extension should you so please.

Thank you for your prompt help, and getting back up and running!

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