Sidenote to a Live Modeling session, legionella

@jody, This was in the news today. Legionnaires in nine schools water supplies.

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Probably because the water supplies have been stagnant for months.

That is exactly the reason. I found it interesting that we were discussing it on a modeling session recently.

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Curious indeed. It’s literally what @Khai does for work… well maybe he does more. So curious that I’m almost 50 and have never heard about it being a modern, real thing affecting people.

Edit: You ever write something about yourself and only then do you realize it’s truth. “almost 50” is such a curious thing… I remember when I thought that was old.

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As I had suggested in the chat, it only hits the news when there is a large outbreak. But actually there have been a bunch of them in the last ten years also.
List of outbreaks.
Don’t feel bad, I’m sure I thought the same thing at 50, then 60 and now 70 more or less.


Oh, and how you will look back with fondness on those carefree times and think ‘if I only knew then what I know now.’


Isn’t’ it positive that you do still remember that time?

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JUST WAIT, until you are in your 70’s.

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urggh. seeing 2 things from that article…

first (as mentioned) the buildings have been vacant and no one’s been doing the flushing. (just running the water to keep things moving).

secondly, they’ve either not kept up a water testing regime… or don’t have one anyway…

they’ve found it now… but this is probably an ongoing issue…

oh to note… it’s perfectly safe to Drink water with Legionella in it. it’s breathing it in thats the problem. (the article got that wrong…)

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