Old Memories



A part of me want to use those USB sticks for everyday use, a part of me can’t bear the idea of moving the original content off of them to free of space.

I feel the same way. I expect they’ll go into a desk drawer for my son to find after I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.

Got two of the bottles on permanent display. My first Basecamp 2014 and I think the other is from the latest one 2018, but it could also be from 2016. I also have a gray one that is otherwise identical to the red, but it was novel enough to deserve the spotlight.

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Ah, yes. I’ve got the red, gray, and white water bottles, too.

For what it’s worth, the Palm Springs USB flash drive was incredibly slow. You wouldn’t want to use it for real work.

How envious can you feel?

I happen to be wearing my favorite teeshirt today, the SketchUp Sage one. I think that only 18 of them were made. I also wore it for my SketchUp job video interview, around December 2017. The teeshirt no doubt helped, though it was a year before I was offered a job.

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