If you share @ the3DWH

I’ve got a couple of hand-full of models at the 3DWH, but sometimes it surprises me to see the most downloaded ones. They are some times not the one I would have expected.

Like I did this as a whim, Pedicure Chair. I got an unexpected 3000 downloads.

Has anyone shared a model, that you might have thought “a few people might want this”, and over time you get two or three thousand downloads?

I don’t share my models in the Warehouse so I don’t have any stories for you but as for your chair, it’s pretty cool looking and maybe it’s the only one of its kind in the 3DWH.

DaveR, I know you have! But we’re looking for oddball ones…lol I saw you were replying and completely forgot you don’t share yours.
And , no, there are a few more.

I figure I’d rather teach people to catch fish than give them fish. And of course you know what you get when you teach a man to fish, don’t you?


No. A guy who would rather sit in a boat all day and drink beer. :crazy_face:


Funny, but I’m still looking for oddities, that you threw up the just because you modeled it.
You suggested that the pedicure chair might have been the only one.
Well, I was also blown away by how many people DLed my wine rack. It is nothing special and would bloat, any model in a heartbeat.
I might add that I only modeled the rack.


And drank the wine! Purely for research purposes of course.

…hik…wine iz thiz called threes botteles…?!?