Is this the model bloat champion?

Can anyone top this, a relatively simple chair:


The only model by the author, it appears this chair has every possible detail except threads on the screws - I was really surprised (and sorta disappointed… :laughing:) to find no threads. But yeah… some serious detail.

When I first started trying to create stuff in SU, and before I knew about the 3DWH or this discussion board, I thought that’s what SU was all about - creating models with all the detail of real life. And while I’ve learned that all that detail (especially the stuff that’s never seen) is best avoided or just flat unnecessary, I still fight the tempting eye for minute detail.

Looking at the HOUE website, and finding a chair that was probably the source for the author’s model, it looks like they did a really good job, though.

Not as many polygons by a long way but by file size…


49 MB for a slab sided BBQ, that’s pretty bad. I found this 36 MB couch while working to help someone on the forum with and “unusable” file.


:hushed: Yikes! Now I don’t feel quite so bad about some of my larger models.